Me and my Jhankaar beats

It’s strange that every time I sit back to think about incidents in my life, songs from Bollywood always make their way into the memories. After 33 years of uneventful existence, the only thing I can proudly showoff, is the shitty deep association I have with Hindi songs.

And they don’t include any Gulzar or Burman’s work of genius. I am one of the few who remember songs from inane films like Tum Mere Ho, Phir Lehraya Lal Dupatta and Bahaar Aane Tak.

As I think about my past, ear shattering tunes with a thousand violins reaching crescendo automatically form background score.

I used to stay in a locality where Bollywood was like Hollywood. In the sense, it indicated refined taste. In my colony, you would rarely hear a Hindi song blare in the neighbourhood. Devotional tracks and Kannada music were the only cassettes people possessed. Hindi was cool, irrespective of what it was.
In this ambience, an electrical shop, “Kathyayini Electricals’ in my locality decided to make Bollywood tapes available to this part of civilisation.

The optimistic fool, also stocked titles like the ones mentioned above, with a hope that once people covered the basics like QSQT and Tezaab, they would eventually stoop down to such trash.

He made a grand showcase and displayed Gulshan Kumar’s garbage in them.

Nothing of such sort happened. All the money he made by repairing fans and geysers, he lost on T-series. Slowly, the bright coloured Cholis and Lehengas of these heroines on the cover turned sepia with dust.

He decided to do away with them, and dumped them in a huge cardboard carton box of Cosmo switches or something like that, and scribbled with a marker ‘All cassettes Rs. 5/- only.’

This was a splendid chance to improve my collection of Bollywood tapes. To increase it from a disgusting number of 9 to above 50. To me it never mattered what the songs were, who the singers were or who penned the lyrics. All that mattered was that it was Bollywood.

I bought all of them. Maybe I left one or two behind, as the covers were unattractive. I disliked combo tapes as the pictures of the heroes and heroines were reduced by half.

So there it was, a new collection that included unheard titles like Habiba by Bappi Lahiri, English translations of Hawa Hawa performed by Babla and Orchestra, Trinetra, Runa Laila, Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri, Baaghi and stuff like that.

I connected two bright green ‘Meenu’ speakers to my flat National Panasonic Tape Recorder and belted out numbers like ‘Narangi Musambi kuch bhi pila’ or ‘Neeli neeli aankhen’ or “Super Dancer’ with extra jhankaar beats, every afternoon.

When I finally joined Christ College with this enriched knowledge on music, I found no gang worthy to belong to. Everyone had wasted their childhood listening to trash like Dylan and Floyd.

Oh Shit!! I had to make a start again.



  1. RamSam….freaking nice…well written…i enjoyed reading it => will look fwd to more


  2. Thanks Javid bhai
    Hope you come back for more trash


  3. hey. you were in christ aa? me too da..


  4. i know da….and we already spoke about mad ads and crap like that


  5. … ear shattering tunes with a thousand violins reaching crescendo automatically form background score.
    So typical of the 90s!

    Visualise ayesha jhulka in a gaudy frilly skirt and off shoulder top running towards salman in matching pant-shirt. Jhatkas follow on the grass with hills in the distance…skimpily clad dancing girls arrive on the scene…coloured powder thrown in the air…flowers fall sensuously on ayesha jhulka….hero and heroine hide under dupatta…

    cant believe we’re watching sex in the city and desperate housewives today and listening to blackeyedpeas.


  6. Come to think of it, atleast there was some originality in those good ‘ol days…… Unfortunately people like “copy paste” Pritam and Anu “copycat” Mallik have screwed it up for us…… And the Indian jantha is so ignorant…phew !!!


  7. ya completely agree….atleast when Bappi does a ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ he’s not trying to hide the source….but blatantly open about it…..that makes it more enjoyable.He’s just doing it our style…..


  8. me thinks jumping jeetendra’s jhankar beats should have been mentioned!


  9. i’ve spent close to two hours putting my son to sleep and only you are to blame if my exploding laughter wakes him up. straight from the gut, your stuff. love it!


  10. my dilli khwaish is to play all deez collections in a Bangalore disc ….was always looking for a partner …find one i guess..let me know when can we do that.
    PS- I started reading from your current to the oldest post ..only today.


  11. Thanks Sari
    Oh would be great to play all these numbers in a bangalore disc…..though I doubt there’ll be enough people in the world like you and me.


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